PUBLIK also deals with the import and distribution of promotional products. We take meticulous care when selecting items for our product portfolio. In order to keep in touch with the current promotional trends, we attend all relevant world fairs and spend a few months every year abroad. We cooperate with European and Far East manufacturers and adjust each item to the specific demands and requirements of our markets.

The technical documentation containing even the minutest details regarding the research, development and design of all our products, serves as a guideline and a standard which our suppliers must look up to during the production process.

The production process is subject to on-the-spot production control at our partners’ facilities - control of raw materials procurement and all production stages including the packaging process. We take immediate steps to prevent any deviations from the desired standards of production that we have proscribed.

We pay special attention to the in-stock availability and meticulously plan orders to guarantee our partners a secure business. The merchandise is stored in our own warehouses occupying a total of 10,000 m². The logistics is handled via state-of-the-art IT tools, including LX One WMS software, Labour Management System, as well as the package labeling and courier service integration system.
Our Logistics Department is capable of processing and shipping every order within 24 hours.