Our experience and dedication to meeting strict business standards in every aspect of our operation serve as guarantees of our mutual success.
This is the total area of storage space we have accumulated upon expansion. We have a customs warehouse and a warehouse of custom approved goods. We are among 20 Serbian companies granted a permission by the Customs Administration to perform the so-called “Home Clearance”.
Development of our products is protected through brand registration at the Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Serbia. Welcome to the world of Publik's brands!
Classified into a total of 14 category groups: Technology, USB, Writing Instruments, Lighters, Key Holders and Accessories, Home and Living, Bags and Travel, Umbrellas, Leisure, Beauty and Wellness, Tools and Equipment, Notepads, Office, Caps and Hats and Textile.
Special attention is paid to novelties which are selected to satisfy current trends. Over 100 new models are introduced every year.
Number of models x number of colours x number of sizes = 6000 + stock keeping units.
In addition to having our own fleet of transport vehicles, we also work with courier services operating in Serbia, which allows for a prompt shipment of goods.
85% of which are done online. Our B2B portal is constantly upgraded through new funcionalities. It proves to be the operating tool of YOUR choice, and our IT support team is always at your disposal.
Publik is a home to the staff of 100 employees, many of whom have been with us for over a decade.
We have linked all of our software systems in order to elevate our service, with the B2B portal as its backbone, to the highest possible level.
Publik produces promotional goods. Category groups, Notebooks, Agendas and Calendars are manufactured entirely independently in our printing shop. Our production utilizes exclusively European materials.
We have developed an application for quick in-stock availability check, which uses scanning of respective QR codes in the catalogue.