Publik produces planners and calendars in our own printing plant, which is part of our business system. It does not provide external services and is used solely for our production purposes. Each year, we bring out almost 100 new models of notepads, planners and calendars into the market.
PUBLIK proizvodnja
The complete production process is conducted entirely independently. The Design Studio creates and suggests new covers and book blocks for notepads and planners. They also suggest calendar motives and design calendar tables, while the professional photographer from the design team deals with the creation and selection of suitable original photographs. The production utilizes exclusively European materials. The printing plant is equipped with high-quality printing and processing machines, including a Heidelberg five-colour B2 format sheet printing machine, modern Horauf machine for the production of planner covers, Heidelberg paper folding machine, Polar cutting tool and over 30 processing machines of renowned brands (Mimaki, Volenberg, Aster, Kolbus, Brother, Horizon). The printing plant has a staff of over 30 employees. In a nutshell, the whole start-to-finish production process in our company relies solely on our own capacities.