The service which we provide for our partners is a key factor to a desirable long-term cooperation. This is why Publik pays special attention to Service and consistently works to improve its quality.

The online catalogue of products is adapted to meet our partners’ requirements. It has recently been re-designed, and is located at All items in the catalogue are marked with unique QR codes, which allow clients to check stock availability of products at any moment using an application that we have developed, a catalogue and any smart phone.

A professional and trained sales team is on call at any time. The team also visit our partners frequently or hosts them at our premises, thus additionally strengthening amiable relationships which we strive to maintain.

Publik’s B2B online ordering portal serves as a unique micro office which provides our partners with the necessary business comfort. The portal enables the creation of orders and offers, lists business histories and prints relevant documentation, follows the status of products and orders and monitors shipment status.

B2B portal possesses all advanced functionalities due to the high level of integration of all software systems implemented in the Publik’s business operation:

  • WMS – Warehouse management system,
  • DMS – Document management system,
  • CRM – Customer relationshim management,
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, business management

Please contact us in case you are interested in cooperation and distribution of our products.

In case you are not a distributor, but an end user of our products, please contact your distributor. If you do not have a distributor for promobox products, please contact us to help you identify the nearest one.