Publik’s team takes great care when selecting the items to be included in our sales assortment. In reality this means that we work directly with the manufacturers and apply aesthetical, qualitative and technological alterations in order to meet market requirements while maintaining the optimal price/quality ratio. All products have been adjusted to be easily branded using various printing techniques so as to maximize their promotional potential.

Each item is accompanied with an extensive technical documentation proscribing standards which the producer must comply with. We have had our work protected by means of copyright registration in the Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property of Serbia. Our products bear visible brand features and are accompanied with all necessary brand information. Our brands stand out in the market due to their specific design, careful selection of materials obeying strict standards, quality of production and packaging, appealing design of commercial and transport boxes, and faultless shipment procedures.

Welcome to the world of Publik’s brands!



brand encompassing the entire Publik product portfolio and representing the company’s visual identity for the catalogue presentation.


brand relating to the Textile and Caps&Hats category groups.

These products are made of different materials and in various sizes of male, female, unisex and children’s models. Items belonging to this brand include T-shirts, polo-shirts, shirts, ties, pullovers, sweaters, jackets, vests, aprons, towels, caps, hats, strips, gloves, scarves and similar textile clothing products. All products in this brand fall into the promotional textile category and upon being adequately branded can be used as working uniforms, business gifts, sports apparel or mass promotional items.


brand relating to the Bags & Travel category group, with the following subgroups: travel bags, conference and business bags, sports bags and backpacks, bio-degradable bags and paper gift bags, purses.

This brand’s products serve various purposes – they are used in seminars and conferences, as sports accessories, or with everyday business or domestic activities. This is why their production utilizes a number of different materials to meet various customer demands and production standards, including polyester, polypropylene, eco leather, jute, cotton, polyethylene and craft paper.


brand relating to all products in the Umbrellas and Home & Living category groups.

The Umbrellas category group can further be dispersed into male, female and children’s umbrellas with manual or automatic deployment, built in 6 or 8 segments and made of various materials (polyester, raw silk and ultra-light silk). Our offer includes both foldable and non-foldable umbrellas which can be used in a number of manners, ranging from single use, for mass promotions, to umbrellas used as exclusive business gifts. The Home & Living category group involves: glass and ceramic mugs and glasses, ashtrays, wine sets, corkscrews, bottle openers and other kitchen utensils, food and drink preparation and serving products and similar items. These products are quickly gaining in popularity due to their originality and various promotional capabilities.


brand relating to quality, high-quality and luxury metal pens, rollers and fountain pens in gift packages.

Although produced from different metal alloys at various final processing qualities, they serve a common purpose – to be exclusive, high price range business gifts. They are most commonly branded through laser graving, which further emphasizes their prestigious appearance. The superb production quality and sophisticated design of these products are a great way to leave an impression.


brand relating to plastic electronic and flint lighters, rechargeable, high-quality, medium price range lighters.

They are made from high-quality plastics, well-processed and packed. All ITEK lighters possess ISO certificates, while a majority also have a CR certificate. ITEK products are a great, uncompromising choice for mass promotions.


brand relating to plastic, non-rechargeable lighters.

The common treat of products under this brand is that they are plastic lighters of low price range designed for mass promotions.


brand relating to reliable, rechargeable metal flint lighters in gift sets.

Their flints and filters are replaceable, while their containers are produced from high-polished chromed steel, which ensures their durability and quality. They have a specific and recognizable design which sets them apart from our other lighters. An interesting gift, luxurious and informal at the same time.


brand relating to high-class, luxurious metal lighters packed in carefully designed, individual, high-quality gift sets.

They come at limited quantities, aimed to be used as luxurious business gifts, which automatically classifies them as high price range products. They are business gifts intended for special users, with refined taste and a strong attitude.


brand relating to technical devices especially adapted for branding and including two category groups: Technology and USB.

USB flash memory sticks come in plastic and metal cases, while the Technology group includes various products such as car chargers, splitters, earbuds and headphones, speakers, power banks and similar small technical gadgets. This represents a highly sought after category group because all of its items have a great usability and are also appropriate for promotional purposes in all lines of business.