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37. Grafima

The International Fair of Graphic and Paper Industry GRAFIMA has continuously existed since 1979. This specialized event of the Belgrade Fair is the region’s leading exhibition of the kind. The symbolic motto of its 37th edition was “Everything is in colors”. The same venue simultaneously housed another similar event, the 23rd International Biro-Expo Fair.

There was an agreement among exhibitors that the fair had a much smaller turnout than the previous years, although the same did not apply to the Publik’s stand. Our time at the fair was used for informal contacts with our partners, with the now traditional cocktail party, where cocktails were served by master bartenders. This was also the opportunity to conduct well-attended presentations of our products, where we endeavored to show how our products can be used. We also presented the new catalogue and a range of new products for the upcoming sales season. Thank you for visiting us!