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New warehouse capable of storing 3.600 pallets


E-Invoice is an addition to the automatic invoice creation and delivery system, which we implemented in December 2014. We have signed an agreement with SoGe bank on using Halcom’s system for electronic invoice delivery with automatic signature. The first Serbian company that started using the system was NIS, after 6-month trial period.

Paperless business is in accordance with the Law on Accounting (in particular Act 9 of the Law on Accounting), but the current invoice policy, which requires printing and sending signed invoices, has confused large number of accountants. On July 11th 2014, Ministry of Finance has published an official opinion No. 011-00-1077/2014-16 on explaining the Act 9 of the Law on accounting, which clearly states that paperless invoice without stamp and signature is valid, and cannot be legally disputed.

We expect to start using this system by February 2016.