Introducing the new catalogue
37. Grafima

Integration with Daily Express

Majority of shipments leave Publik via Daily Express. In association with Uridium, a partner company from Valjevo, we have created an integrating software which creates and uses the same bar codes in both our and Daily’s system. Daily uses the prefix PB in their system to differentiate our company from their other clients. At the same time, our system prevents the creation of bar code doubles, thus avoiding confusion. Each box is, therefore, issued with a unique bar code – ID number. This is expected to greatly improve time efficiency. For instance, in the previous year, an employee would spend 8 to 10 hours a day entering shipment addresses manually, which the customer had already entered in B2B portal orders. The addresses can now be directly entered into WMS (Warehouse Management System) and printed on the package shipping label. Daily’s shipment progress can also be monitored via a link which is integrated into the B2B portal.