Shared customs storage

Simplified Customs Procedure – HOME CLEARANCE

Publik is among 20 or so companies in Serbia which have been granted a permission by the Customs Administration to perform the so-called “Home Clearance”, that is to conduct import and export customs procedures at home premises.

The project was approached with a lot of enthusiasm, as there was very little practical reference information, especially in our line of work. Publik sees this as a massive step forward in our business, as the customs procedures will take a much shorter time, improving speed and efficiency, and facilitating both our and our partners’ operation.

The simplified customs procedure allows for companies to declare their goods using IT, without submitting paper documentation. Even though the subsequent submission of documents for verification is still compulsory, electronic submission of documents at the moment of import/export of goods significantly speeds up the whole process. The goods declared for export are shipped directly out of the the company to the border customs office, and vice versa, imported goods are delivered directly into the company’s premises, with no legal obligation to have the goods inspected and their documents verified by the respective customs office. Simultaneously, a permission is issued to submit the goods for a specific customs clearance.

Acquiring the permission to perform a simplified customs procedure was by no means an easy task. We were obliged to meet a variety of demands and prepare extensive documentation. In order to meet required prerequisites, we were obliged to train personnel and secure a functional organizational structure, provide adequate IT support, and secure proscribed storage and logistics capacities. In the future, we are planning to involve a number of our employees in the Customs Representative training.