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RTF Hammer X8-3 helicopter for aerial photographing

We have acquired a Kopterworx RTF Hammer X8-3 octocopter for aerial photographing, widely known as the “drone”. Aerial photography has become a very popular means of creating photos which take a completely different vantage point at objects viewed from the ground. The aircraft does not require large take-off and landing areas, which allows for the device to be used in open space in different terrains, even those inaccessible to regular helicopters. It is ready for take-off and shooting within minutes, and we intend to use it to create more spectacular photographs in an effort to improve the quality of our calendars. Aerial photos will contribute to the original appeal of thematic calendars such as Nature, Monasteries, Vojvodina, Belgrade and Novi Sad, and significantly improve their aesthetics.

The aircraft has a maximum flight autonomy of 16 minutes, depending on the amount of equipment it carries. The maximum weight that the aircraft can lift is 3 kilograms, and the maximum altitude at which it is allowed to operate is limited to 150 meters, according to the Serbian Air Traffic Control Law (although the aircraft’s capabilities significantly surpass this limit). During the shoot, ground operators can monitor the camera’s performance via a real-time video link with the octocopter. Photos and videos can be transferred immediately upon the aircraft’s landing. The octocopter also possesses a GPS system which allows it to be locked into a certain location to acquire a desired photo. Professionals like to say that the “octocopter can be supported in mid-air like a chandelier”. This allows for octocopter flight routes to be set or pre-planned.