Introducing the new catalogue

New warehouse capable of storing 3.600 pallets

On 12th July 2015, we moved into a new storage facility whose construction had begun in the fourth trimester of 2014, measuring 23 x 90 x 14.5 meters. It consists of three sections – the high-bay storage area capable of housing 3,600 pallets, the operational area for reception, packaging and shipping, and the Logistics Offices. The total storage area at Publik has thus reached 10,000 m².

The warehouse was constructed by the domestic IC Engineering Company. It is built of steel profiles produced by the renowned Italian manufacturer Marcegaglia. Everything was taken into account during construction – starting from ensuring worker-friendly working conditions, to energy consumption awareness and environmental protection. The roof was installed with skylights both to save electrical energy, but also to ensure that employees worked in daylight. The facility is fitted with an Austrian manufacturer Zumtobel’s smart LED lighting, which has the lights turned on only when the luminosity drops below 300 lux, and only in areas where employees are registered. The whole lighting system can be operated using a smart phone application.

The complete management is conducted through WMS, Lxone. In the fourth trimester, the warehouse operates in three shifts, the rest of the year in two.