The most important resource of any successful company is its employees, quality and successful individuals who build a successful team. We strive to support our employees in professional development and training, through various training systems, skills development, but also through employee satisfaction monitoring and motivation systems. The success and satisfaction of our employees is also our success. You will not only get a job at Publik, you will build a career at Publik.

The growth and development of the company Publik, in addition to the efforts of existing ones, is also encouraged by hiring new, quality and motivated employees. We are constantly looking for new employees who can and want to become part of our team, be it the production department, the logistics sector, the sales or the purchasing department.

Whether there is a current advertisement for a specific position or for a specific department, and regardless of formal education and previous work experience, feel free to submit your data and CV via the online platform below, in order to be registered in our database . If the need arises, you will be contacted by the HR service as soon as possible, and then you can get the opportunity to introduce yourself in more detail.

List all the essential elements in the CV in order to gain a complete insight into your characteristics, references and work abilities. If you have, you can attach additional documents that are relevant to your resume. In the “Message” section, you can state what specifically motivates and recommends you to work in the company Publik and in which position or in which department you think you can work.

If you believe in yourself and our value system, sign up and be part of a successful team.

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