We perform the complete process of notebooks, agendas and calendars production independently
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We perform the complete process of notebooks, agendas and calendars production independently

Production team ORGANIZATION

PUBLIK’s production department is closely specialized and set up for the production of notebooks, agendas and calendars, where we successfully reach required high standard of quality of the finial product.

The capacity of the production department, annually, is over  2.5 million notebooks and agendas in almost 300 different models, over 4 million calendars in 50 different models and 250,000 pieces of PUBLIK’s annual products catalog. The complete process of production we perform completely independently, with the help of over 50 employees in this department.


We are proud to emphasize the fact that we use various production machines from renowned world manufacturers .

Production team

We are using our own warehouse space for storage of materials and prepared semi-finished products. Production is organized in 1,400 m2 of space with modern equipment used in printing industry.

In our production department are located machines from renowned world manufacturers for the production of covers and preparation of the book blocks, as well as machines for binding and foil painting, in addition to several accompanying printing, cutting, folding and other production operation.

Production operation we record on in-house software which allows us better planning and monitoring for a better production flow. We use WMS system for semi-finished products follow up and traceability of the raw and other materials from entering the warehouse to the final product. This system we use as well for time management and productivity analysis.


Our Production department is spreading over 1,400 m2 of space using the most modern equipment operating in the printing industry nowadays .

Production team